JULY 7-9, 2017 | Jermyn, PA  Tickets

Sublime Tribute: Lou Dog

Two Nights at STONEHENGE!

The late, great SUBLIME were defined by their ability to get a crowd moving to music from across the spectrum, and the same electric atmosphere is resurrected every time LOU DOG hits the stage. From some slow swaying reggae to fist-pumping punk, LOU DOG is less tribute band, more love letter written live onstage to the gods of ska-rock. But the experience of LOU DOG is more than just watching a performance — for over ten years, LOU DOG has been committed to connecting to the eclectic community of fans, sharing the love and making great memories every show.

Band Members

  • Tim Warden
    Guitar, Vocals
  • Clay Johnson
    Bass, Vocals
  • Travis Smith

Featured Video

Get ready to get on your groovin’ shoes when Lou Dog takes the Stonehenge stage!

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