JULY 7-9, 2017 | Jermyn, PA  Tickets

There will be several workshops offered at Stonehenge this year! Don’t miss them!

JULY 6-9, 2017 – Pennsylvania

Multidimensional Hula Hooping – Hosted by Sarah Bear
This interactive workshop is designed for hula hoopers who are new to or interested in learning how to indulge in multi hooping! If this will be your first time working with more than just one hoop I hope you are excited and eager to dive into the beauty of it for the first time. We will shift the dimension of hula hooping by adding two, three, and four hula hoops into the mix.

Yoga is for Everybody! – Hosted by Rinspins
Grow with the yoga flow. In this one hour workshop we will be exploring our yoga flow together as one breathing body. The focus is on meditation through movement, a practice that links awareness to breath, alignment, and inner wisdom. Come one come all, this workshop is designed to be suitable for the beginner and seasoned yogi alike. Grab some water, your mats, and a friend and let’s get flowing!

Fans/Palm Torches & Hand Motions – Hosted by Lana Mae
This class will start with a few simple drills to get a better understanding of how the fans/torches move through your own flow, finding and recognizing the static quadrant of every spin, as well as distinguishing the difference between flow and tech. It will cover the many variations of dance theory that will enhance your magical and unique flow!

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